60 miles of riparian land along the Rappahannock and Rapidan to be protected
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Mark, BS, MS, PhD

Well, well, well. The CBF is up to their old tricks again. In concert with the socialist legislature and environmental wackos, the CBF is working hard to make affordable housing non-existent in the state of Maryland. The cost of new construction is about to go way up. Builders will just pass this new TAX onto consumers and the cost of new (and existing) homes will rise as well. As builders flee the state and the median cost of housing increases, minorities are especially hard hit by stupid legislation like this and the unintended consequences that follow.

After this stupid bill passes and everybody begins to whine about the lack of affordable housing (especially in rural areas), please direct you nashing of teeth towards Annapolis and the CBF.


The more help the merrier.

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