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6,000 Turn Out for "Clean the Bay Day"

VA Delegate John Cosgrove pitched in to collect debris during CBF's 19th annual Clean the Bay DayThe Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Hampton Roads office thanks everyone who turned out for the 19th annual Clean the Bay Day last Saturday. The preliminary (not complete!) results indicate that volunteers pulled over 82 tons of litter and debris from some 275 miles of streams, creeks, and rivers emptying into the Bay. Coordinated by CBF with assistance from local municipal partners and corporate sponsors, cleanup sites stretched across Hampton Roads to the Eastern Shore, Northern Virginia, and the Shenandoah Valley.

Since CBF's first Clean the Bay Day in 1989, more than 81,350 volunteers have removed over four million pounds of debris from 3,913 miles of area shoreline.


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Abram Bergen

I am glad to read that people continue to come out to clean the Bay. Here in Guelph,ON, Canada, the local PIRG organizes an Annual Speed River Cleanup happening today, in fact.

What frustrates me to no end is that this is necessary year after year after year. Who continues to dump all manner of things into our water systems? And why are governments (local, regional, federal) not enforcing environmental laws and prosecuting offenders, leaving volunteers, those of us who do give a damn, to clean up year after year?

Thanks for doing the work you do.

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