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The Tides They Are a Risin'

Farm Bill Politics Gaining Mainstream Traction

If you're looking for information about the Farm Bill, check out the Blog for Rural America and its latest post that the internet has resulted in the Farm Bill being written about, bantered about, and ultimately paid attention to by a lot more people than ever before.

Why the booming interest?

Brian Depew offers this quote from Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), who is on a campaign to make his case to a larger non-farm, non-rural community:

Why devote the time and effort to reform U.S. farm policy, you ask?

Here is an area that doesn't just touch rural America but has profound effects for small towns, suburban communities and bigger cities across the country as well.

It impacts the people working hard to produce the food we eat each day. Sixty percent of America's farmers and ranchers get no support while a great bulk of subsidies and federal support go directly to big special-interest corporations. [snip]

It impacts energy and the environment, affecting water quality and our landscape. Farming is the dominant water user in the United States and farms have room to be a greater generator of energy, not just a huge consumer. [snip]

It impacts our trade policy and how we are viewed in the world. [snip]

We're with Depew on this -- "No matter where you stand in the farm bill debate, I would argue that more transparency, and more people paying attention to this important legislation is ultimately a good thing."


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