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The Tides They Are a Risin'

More than half of Virginia's wetlands could be underwater by the end of the century, according to estimates released by Wetlands Watch, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and conserving Virginia wetlands. For details on their work, check the Wetlands Watch Web site.

Rising tides aren't, of course, limited to the Virginia coastline. At CBF's bi-annual all-staff meeting on Wednesday, several staff members shared their experiences growing up on Smith and Tangier Islands, following family traditions as watermen, and watching a way of life they love struggle for survival. Among their concerns was the ever-encroaching Bay, which threatens the very existance of their homes. Their stories brought the reality of climate change and rising sea levels into painfully sharp focus: ballfields played on as children now submerged under ten feet of marsh, main roads regularly flooded, neighborhoods of 20 and 30 homes now underwater.

Have you experienced the creeping tides? If so, share your story here.


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