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When College Ends, So Does Activism. Or Does It?

One of CBF's goals is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to take action in their own communities. In his article, When College Ends, So Does Activism, Adam Donster looks at how politically active college students (most today with hefty student loan payments looming) are virtually forced to abandon their activist efforts after college because the available jobs pay so poorly. Nonprofit Online News captures the conundrum for nonprofits, saying "we are pouring people's passion down the drain."

Do environmentally active students face the same dilemma? What do you think?


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Allyson Ladley

I think that environmentally active students who are dedicated to the topics and choose to make their life decisions based on that dedication can make it work and find a job. However, not everyone is able to live on seasonal or extremely low pay. Well-organized and well-advertised volunteer efforts make it possible to stay involved at any point though.

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