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Chesapeake Bay Guitar Project - January 2008 Update

Cattails Well, the Chesapeake Bay Guitar Project has been underway for a little over two months now, and we’ve made quite a bit of progress (even with the holidays).  We kicked off the project the weekend of November 4, 2007, when Craig flew up to Baltimore and he and I spent some time kayaking down at Blackwater Refuge in Cambridge, taking photos of the wildlife and wetland scenery, including the one on the left. Craig plans to use the photos as the basis for some of the inlay art on the guitar necks and fingerboards.

Since then I’ve spent a good bit of the time building the guitar necks for the first 6 guitars, preparing them for Craig to inlay with the Chesapeake Bay scenes.  I’ve also started on two guitar tops; cutting the wood to size, inlaying the rosettes, and bracing the tops. Shown below are several photos of the work in progress.

Braced top Neck front view Neck side view Rosette    

Craig has been busy designing and storyboarding the scenes for the first two guitars, and has completed the concept art on paper, shown below. One is a scene of a great blue heron, silhouetted in a sunset. The other is a montage of Maryland blue crabs in the water. I just shipped the first two necks to Craig, so the actual inlay work is about to commence.

Heron design for neck head Heron design for neck board Crab design for neck head Crab design for neck board

Emory has been very busy beating the bushes and drumming up support for this project from his customer base. There is already significant interest in the first guitars, and we expect them to be a hot commodity, once the word is out there.

On December 10, 2007, Emory and I appeared on the Steve Rouse morning show on WLIF Lite FM 101.9 to talk about the project. A synopsis of the interview and the audio can be found on my MacCubbin Guitars website, under the Chesapeake Bay Guitar Project link.

If anyone has any questions about the project, they may contact Emory at Appalachian Bluegrass. His contact information can be found on his website.

I’ll keep posting as the project progresses, passing on our status and any news.

David MacCubbin