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Yes, it was snowing at the climate change rally in Annapolis but thank goodness we still have snow in the winter! From recent reports of melting ice caps and record warmth it may not be that way for long. But the snow did not deter hundreds of activists from rallying to urge Maryland legislators to pass one of the strongest climate change bills in the country: The Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) - requiring Maryland to institute programs that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 and 90% by 2050. Incidently, reducing GH gases will not only help cool the planet but it will also assist in reducing nitrogen pollution to the Bay because nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas (it traps 300 times more solar energy than carbon dioxide). So passing the bill is a twofer, a win-win, a double dip.

"I biked to the rally in the snow with five other CBFers," said Donkey Dover. "The crowd was really pumped up even in the cold. Lots of good energy," said Dover.

Here's how you can help: contact your elected leaders in Maryland and tell them you support GWSA and that we can not delay in acting to stop climate change. The longer we wait, the greater the peril.

For more on climate change and the Chesapeake Bay, read our report: Climate Change and the Chesapeake Bay: Challenges, Impacts, and the Multiple Benefits of Agricultural Conservation Work

To find your legislator, visit: http://mdelect.net/


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