Public Discussion on Bay Cleanup to be Held in PA
Mechanicsburg Panel Discussion Rescheduled

The debate is hot in PA

Pennsylvania newspapers are filled with articles about municipalities who are frustrated about the costs of cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. The cleanup is federally mandated--but unfunded, and if a 2010 deadline for meeting these mandatory water quality standards isn't met, the federal government could come down harder with even stricter standards. But local jurisdictions don't know how they're going to come up with the hundreds of millions of dollars it will take to comply. CBF has joined the call for the Rendell administration to provide funds to municipalities struggling to meet sewage treatment upgrade requirements.

If you live near Harrisburg, you might want to attend tonight's panel discussion on the Chesapeake Bay cleanup and its effects on sewage bills. The discussion will be held from 5 - 7 p.m. at the Holiday Inn West, 5401 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg. Panel participants include Kathleen McGinty, secretary of the Dept. of Environmental Protection; John Brosius, deputy director of the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association; and Scott Wyland, lawyer for the Capital Region Council of Governments.


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You need to stop farm waste in the grownd water 1st. Why charge local tax payers to fix & clean up when farmers are the real problem in a rural setting. We have move animals in our PA county then people and the farms empty there lagoons in fields and in flood plains by streams. No bubby cares no farms no food is the cry from farmers.
The local Gov will not help.


Many PA homeowners are being laid off and/or taking cuts in salaries, but yet are forced to come up with thousands (up to $6500!) for the Cheasapeak Bay cleanup with NO government assistance! I know many homeowners who were forced to put liens on their properties in order to comply with this ridiculous mandate, not to mention the construction noise and pollution that is made outside your home and surrounding properites. The street patch job, done after this work, is horrible! We now have many "speed bumps" in our neighborhood roads.

I continue to be very disappointed with state and government officials who seem to have their priorities in a disarray, ignoring the needs of "real" Americans who deserve assistance rather than eagerly "donating" money overseas or handing it to illegal immigrants who are NOT deserving of it! What has happend to the America I used to know and love??

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