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Upcoming MPT Special Reveals Critical Area Flaws

Little Dobbins Island As the Maryland General Assembly meets to debate new, stricter regulations on Chesapeake Bay waterfront development, Maryland Public Television (MPT) will air a new program that examines Maryland’s Critical Area Law.

"Weary Shoreline," a documentary about the failure to enforce Maryland's Critical Area law, airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday night. For a preview of the show, check out Tim Wheeler's post on the Baltimore Sun's News & Environment blog.

One prime example of the Critical Area law's "death by one thousand cuts" is back in the news. Just last week, David Clickner, owner of Dobbins Island, resurrected plans to build a 4,500-square-foot home, septic system, and road on the island--plans which violate Maryland's Critical Area law but which Clickner has received variance approvals for from the state.

Fervent discussion over HB 1253—set for General Assembly debate February 28 (the day after Weary Shoreline’s premiere)—is expected. Among several proposed changes to this controversial law, the bill mandates that new development (including houses, outbuildings, decks, patios, driveways, landscaping and swimming pools) be even farther away from the bay shoreline than the current 100 feet. Instead, the inner Critical Areas shoreline buffer would be expanded from 100 feet to 300 feet.


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K Beattie


I enjoyed reading your material.

Maybe MPT/CBF should investigate the midshore regional landfill (Holly Road, Ridgely MD)that has been approved in Caroline county on Maryland's Eastern Shore. The landfill (located in wetlands including a stream adjacent to the Choptank River) will receive solid waste from 3 counties and will undoubtedly leach contaminants almost directly into the stream,river and the bay. Nevermind pollution of the surrounding property owners well water and the adverse impact on property values. Naturally, this is very personal to me, as I am a surrounding property owner, it just makes me livid to think of the consequences.I hate to say it,but with local governments making bad decisions like these I think the bay is doomed!



Anthony Bavuso

The gentleman on Dobbins only is only going to build a 4500 square foot home?

Wow, he should come to York County Virgina where the County has just allowed a home likely to exceed 10,000 square feet of living area probably more like 12,000 sf on a 2.3 acre 'island'. 7451 square feet of the home is in our equivalent critical area (we call it the Resource Protection Area).

The local governments are failing to do their part to protect the Bay.


Absolutely discraceful. Both the home pictured and plans to build on Dobbin's Island.

Maryland could learn quite a bit from Boulder, CO and how they manage their open space. There, the majority of citizens take an interest in protecting the natural environment.

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