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Farmers share their conservation tips

Working at CBF has it’s advantages, but sometimes the news and feedback you get on a wide range of topics is just…impressive. On the, Ted Shelsby wrote, in his On the Farm section:

“Many farmers hire scouts to search their fields, identify problems, recommend management techniques and implement action to protect crops. Homeowners can take similar management steps before turning to pesticides.”

The more I work at CBF the more I learn just how much we as homeowners, farmers and inhabitants of the Chesapeake Bay region have an impact our soil and water resources; both positively and negatively. I was really impressed with the amount of information that the farmers offered that home owners are able to put in place for a healthier environment and bay friendly home. Some of the tips seem like common sense, but if they were common place we’d all be working towards a healthier land and bay.

Take some time to check out "Farmers Share Their Conservation Tips".


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