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"I was in the middle of paradise"

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Fox Island Study Center During the week, Tim Staines helps his clients improve their websites for better positioning in search engines. But last weekend, Tim left the World Wide Web at home to venture into a much different world--the remote islands around the Chesapeake Bay's Tangier Island and home to CBF's Port Isobel and Fox Island education centers. Find out more about his trip to this "magical place" at Tim Staines' Weblog.

Are You Taking the Locally Grown Challenge?

Every Wednesday here at CBF locally-grown advocate Rita Calvert and a local caterer bring in lunch created with local foods. At $5 a meal it's the best bargain around. Not only is the food locally grown, it's delicious! The tastes are exquisite because you're dealing with the freshest possible ingredients. And I have tried more foods than I ever would have otherwise. For example, today's lunch, provided by Claire Owens Catering, is:

  • Ratatouille with local tomatoes, squash, eggplant, peppers, and corn
  • White Beans with sweet potato greens
  • Salad of mixed local greens with sherry vinagrette
  • Local plum clafouti

I've never even heard of "clafouti" before, let alone tasted it (it tastes heavenly!).

It's getting easier to shop local, too. A new farmer's market just opened in downtown Annapolis and another is set to open at Annapolis Mall.

On July 18, Gov. O'Malley will launch "Buy Local Challenge" week, July 19 - 27. His goal is to encourage every Maryland family to incorporate at least one locally-grown product into their meals each day. The administration makes it a little easier to do by including info on where to buy local, tips and recipes, and local events on their Challenge website.

As part of the program, MD Secretary of Agriculture Roger Richardson will visit CBF's own Clagett Farm, a CSA -- community supported agriculture -- farm. (If you're a foodie, you won't want to miss Clagett's blog.)

If you're taking the Governor's Locally Grown Challenge, share the experience with us in our comments section.

Bon appetit!