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Oysters Sound So Good

Came across two good audio pieces on Virginia oysters.

EDFT_1729_lg WMRA newswoman Nancy King reports "there is a glimmer of hope for the beleaguered bivalves." Interesting piece on what some VA oystermen are doing with oyster aquaculture.

Virginia Public Radio's With Good Reason serves up a tasty program about the reason to be optimistic for Chesapeake Bay oysters to make a comeback. "Chefs, oystermen, conservationists, oyster-lovers, and poets Nikki Giovanni (Virginia Tech) and Tim Seibles (Old Dominion University) all weigh-in about the legend and allure of Crassotrea virginica."

You can weigh in on the comeback of the Chesapeake oyster by responding to CBF's Action Alert urging the Army Corps of Engineers to support alternative 8A of the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on native vs. non-native oyster introduction in the Bay. Alternative 8A supports restoration and aquaculture of the native Chesapeake Bay oyster. You can find out more about the draft EIS on CBF's website.


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