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Got a Story?

This in from the Wildlife Promise blog --

"The EPA is collecting public testimony from citizens like you about the effects that global warming is having on you, your family and your community, and they really want to hear from you-- wildlife and nature enthusiasts-- who see firsthand how climate change is effecting your garden, your backyard, your parks and the natural world you live in."

The message isn't just for wildlife enthusiasts -- personalize your message to reflect your concern for the Chesapeake Bay, its critters, and its ecosystems.

Annapolis Eco-Peeps Chesapeake Kayak Tour

Announcing a new Meetup for Annapolis Eco Peeps!

What: Chesapeake Bay Kayak Tour

When: June 28, 2009 9:30 AM

Where: (A location has not been chosen yet.)

A great way to appreciate our bay and our planet is by taking a kayak tour on Kent Island. Please join us for this fun morning of kayaking!

Adventure Crafters in Queenstown, MD offers an awesome 3 hour tour that includes kayak +paddle rental, pfd, instruction, and a snack+beverage.

$60 for adults
$55 for kids (Price is less if you bring your own kayak -- call for details.)

Please call 88-529-2563 to register.

Learn more here:

‘Take Me Fishing 101’ Video Series Prepares New Anglers for Outdoor Adventure

20090619004 When I was a kid, my family spent summers at Long Beach Island, NJ. A true island, on our street it was three blocks wide -- one block to the beach, one block to the bay. My dad and my brother would surf fish, and the three of us would often walk down to the bay pier at the other end of the street and fish in the bay.

I haven't fished now for at least 30 years. My son got a taste of it at YMCA summer camps at Sandy Point, but I've forgotten enough that I'm not comfortable initiating a fishing trip.

Until now.

A recent post on Outdoor Central News Network's blog features an online video series by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that "walks novice anglers through everything they need to know to get started in a sport that often is seen as a gateway to the great outdoors."

View “Take Me Fishing 101″ Video Series

Connecting With Nature

Rob Garman, a fan of CBF's Facebook page, recently wrote, "Connecting With Nature has impressed me so much that I featured it in my new website"

The post intrigued me so I checked it out. Garman describes the site as focusing "on learning to observe and connect with the natural world around us." The site has a plethora of stories and information for the backyard nature lover.

New Chesapeake Fund: "Investing in Healthy Waters"

ChesapeakeFund_Logo A partnership of Forest Trends, Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF), and World Resources Institute, the new Chesapeake Fund offers individuals and business a new way to calculate their nitrogen footprint and reduce their impact.

The Chesapeake Fund website includes CBF's Nitrogen Calculator, tips on reducing your nitrogen footprint, and a way to offset your impact by purchasing nitrogen "credits." The Chesapeake Fund will use the money raised by the purchase of these credits - $10 per credit - for on-the-ground restoration projects in areas targeted for optimal results.

Passion for the Future

Allyson Ladley Gibson Written by Allyson Ladley Gibson, CBF Teacher Student Outreach Coordinator

Positive energy, pride, enthusiasm for conservation, and learning experience. These are the four items I would associate with the Thomas W. Pyle Middle School Chesapeake Extravaganza that I was fortunate enough to attend last week in Bethesda, MD. Every sixth grader at the school completed a student service learning project that had to do with the Chesapeake Bay. Whether they were picking up trash along a stream, creating a native plant garden, making a video or writing a book that they would use to teach first graders, the students put not only 10+ hours of their time into each project but also a little bit of themselves. I spoke with students and their families at the event and they all talked about how they really look at daily life with a trained eye now: Should I recycle that instead of throw it away?  Does my lawn really need more fertilizer? 

Even Kids Can Help Save the Chesapeake Bay!
Produced by a sixth grader from Thomas Pyle Middle School
As one of three dignitaries who spoke to the crowd of over 400 students and their families, my experience at an evening dedicated to service learning and Bay education can only make me smile. The evening began with the U.S. color guard and the national anthem, a great opening element to represent the Bay’s national importance. Attorney General Doug Gansler spoke along with Jeff Lape, the head of the Chesapeake Bay Prorgram, myself, and one of the science teachers, who read a letter from Senator Barbara Mikulski. 

At the close of the speeches portion of the night, we all said how impressive this event is…but how do we get other schools to do it too?  Does the permission and spark come from the county education administrators? From the teachers? From the students? We determined that it’s a bit of everything, but the teachers would be able to most directly take it to other schools. I knew going into this event, now the third year in a row, that the teachers have participated in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's (CBF) Chesapeake Classrooms, our teacher professional development program. So I asked them if they would be interested in doing a workshop in partnership with CBF specifically about this event with the intention of sharing the creative process and the basic steps of how to execute such a HUGE and such a successfully wide-spread project. With the leadership of teachers like Margy Hall at Pyle Middle School, this fall could hold some exciting times for schools in the Bay watershed. 

Thank you to the students and teachers at Pyle Middle School for all of your hard work and for asking me to celebrate with you. It is truly exciting to see the student leaders of our Bay’s future! 

CBF on WYPR Today at Noon

Today at noon (until 1:00) on Midday with Dan Rodericks on WYPR radio, former Baltimore Sun editorial writer Karen Hostler will be interviewing CBF Litigation Director Jon Mueller and Senior Scientist Beth McGee and at least one representative from the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) on the Sparrows Point steel mill, which has been discharging toxic chemicals into the air and water for years. Author and former Baltimore Sun reporter Mark Reutter, who has written extensively about Sparrows Point, will be on the show as well.

On Friday, May 29, 2009, CBF and Baltimore Harbor Harborkeeper notified EPA, MDE, and the current and former owners of the Sparrows Point steel plant of our intention to sue them in federal court to force a clean-up of pollution flowing from the plant site, to conduct an adequate assessment of risks to human health and the nearby ecology, and to address other violations of the law.

Gearing Up for the Season's Best Beach Party

When's the last time you danced in the sand? Things here are really starting to gear up for next week's big fete! Our fourth annual "Bands in the Sand" beach party is next Saturday, June 13th.

Here at CBF we work hard -- but we sure know how to put on a party! BITS, as we call it in the office, is great beach party with excellent food, drinks, live music, and a live art auction. This year enjoy the wicked reggae of S.T.O.R.M. and dance to the rollin' rock of Misspent Youth. Misspent Youth's mix of classic and modern rock is more my style, but I checked out S.T.O.R.M.'s website and their video "Hola, Hola" hooked me, hooked me.

One of the (many) fun things about Bands in the Sand is you don't need to drive there. Have a boat? You can anchor off the beach and we'll ferry you in. 

Tickets are $100 each and proceeds support CBF's education, restoration, and advocacy programs.

No one wants sand in their shoes at a beach partyYou can check out pictures from last year's party on CBF's website. Then get some friends together, order your tickets, and prepare to leave your shoes at the dock and chill out on the beach! 

We hope you can join us!