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Earth Science Week Leaves No Child Inside


The American Geological Institute has organized Earth Science Week since 1998. Last year, they added "No Child Left Inside Day" to the celebration as a way to get kids to experience earth science hands on. This year's nationwide celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, October 13th.

A full kit with media suggestions, activity guides, helpful hints for bringing on community partners, and classroom follow-up ideas is available on their website. Host your own NCLI event and invite your legislators to join you!

Check out all of the details here.

Learn more about No Child Left Inside at www.nclicoalition.org.


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Chesapeake Bay is an excellent place to hold this educational event. Is it possible for children out of the area to take part in this?

Jeff Goldstein

This Earth Science Week's focus is on understanding climate. We are now 2 months out from the all important UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. It is a likely last opportunity for the world to come together on global warming in advance of the Kyoto Protocol expiration.

My Center is using Earth Science Week to kick off 2 months of climate education. Featured at Blog on the Universe are posts on Earth's environment and climate change that are great for the general public, and can also be used as lessons in the classroom.

Read them with a cup of coffee.

See: http://twttr.me/06O

Jeff Goldstein, Center Director
National Center for Earth and Space Science Education

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