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CBF Educator Lends a Hand to The Downstream Project

CBF's Allan Thomson, assistant manager for our Virginia Watershed Education Program (VWEP), devoted three days to lend his expertise to The Downstream Project.

The Downstream Project is a non-profit organization founded to inspire individuals and groups to initiate solutions to ecological issues that threaten their communities. The program believes in fair, open and responsible communication on relevant topics that will foster alliances toward a sustainable future.

Both Allan and Pat Calvert, VWEP Manager, frequently devote their spare time to assist other local groups, and are wonderful ambassadors for CBF in the Shenandoah region. Allan was previously featured in the documentary 'Shenandoah Voices', and continues to foster important community relationships "in the valley."

Here's a video of Allan in action with The Downstream Project earlier this month.


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Catherine Voorhees

Fairfax County Virginia permits waivers of Best Management Practices if the "minimum" necessary for relief is being requested. According to James Patteson, Director of Land Development Services, 18 waivers of Best Management Practices in Hollin Hall Village, Fairfax County followed all the necessary regulations when only 9 dwelling units had existed on the land for 60 years. How could granting 2 waivers per one parcel of land upon which one house stood thereby enabling a developer to build 6 houses per acre in an area zoned 3 houses per acre be the minimum? Enforcement of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act/Ordinance is needed to stop waivers being granted that exceed the minimum necessary for relief. Who enforces these regulations? Obviously not, Fairfax County in Hollin Hall Village.

Georgia June Goldberg

Support the environment and art by supporting Emergence, a large outdoor installation at AU Museum; references  icebergs, calls attention to fragile beauty of our environment: http://georgiajunegoldberg.com/museums_commissions.php

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