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Park Service has exciting plans for Captain John Smith Trail and wants to hear from you

Blue Heron on the James River. Photo by JillianChilsonThe National Park Service has completed a creative and innovative plan for the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail that will bring economic and conservation opportunities to the Chesapeake region, and they want your comments on it. The plan will expand recreation on the Bay and its great rivers and offer visitors and residents alike an opportunity to experience the region's cultures and relive its history.

The theme for the trail's development and interpretation is the "Chesapeake Region in the 17th Century." That approach will present the history of the region's Indians, showcase landscapes that are reminiscent of the period, and be organized around the spots where Captain Smith and his crew visited. An article in the October Bay Journal provides an overview of the Park Service plan.

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation has been a supporter of the trail from the beginning. Will Baker, President of CBF, along with Gilbert Grosvenor, Chairman of the National Geographic Society, and Patrick Noonan, Chairman Emeritus of the Conservation Fund, formed the Friends of the John Smith Trail to build support for the trail's creation.

The plan will be open for comment until November 5th and your support is needed. For information visit Chesapeake Conservancy's website:

The full draft of the plan is available for download at the trail's planning website: The preferred method of comment is online at Comments may also be e-mailed to or by letter sent to the attention of Superintendent, CAJO, at 410 Severn Avenue, Suite 314, Annapolis, MD   21403.


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