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A new year, a new start! Five resolutions you can make in 2012 to help Save the Bay...

IMG_5776Photo by Miriam Nicklin.

It’s that time of year again…time to make your New Year’s Resolutions! (And hopefully this time, you’ll keep ’em!) Here are 5 resolutions we’re making to Save the Bay in 2012…won’t you join us?

  1. Write your representatives and tell them how important the Bay pollution limits are to ensuring we and future generations have clean water!
  2. Use less fertilizer on your lawn and garden and learn about CBF’s eight steps to ensuring a healthy, beautiful, Bay-friendly yard. Take the Gardeners for the Bay pledge.
  3. Upgrade your septic system to reduce the amount of nitrogen pollution leaking into the Bay. Better yet, live somewhere where you’re connected to a sewer system instead of a septic system. (Did you know the average home on a septic system produces 10 times the amount of pollution than a home on a quarter acre lot connected to the sewer system?! Ten times! Yikes!)  
  4. Get in shape! Bike more, drive less. Take the Cyclist for the Bay pledge.
  5. Last, but not least, become a CBF member, if you have not done so already! Join an important group of individuals dedicated to restoring the health and productivity of our national treasure, the Chesapeake Bay. 

—Emmy Nicklin


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