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Photo of the Week: Where in the World Is Save the Bay Now?

342Photo by Cathy Lukaszewicz.

CBF member Cathy Lukaszewicz recently took "Save the Bay" on vacation with her to the land of Northern Lights, volcanoes, and glaciers. A favorite destination for the Vikings back in the day, this country is the world's 18th largest island. Made up of fjords, warm springs, jagged cliffs, glacial rivers, and much, much more, this country is an outdoor lovers' paradise. So where in the world is "Save the Bay" now?! Write your guesses in the comments below.


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Are you going on any trips in the near future? "Save the Bay" is on a quest to travel the world! So bring your sticker with you on your journeys. When you return, send us your digital photos of "Save the Bay" in front of different notable (or even not-so notable) scenes across your city, county, country, and worldNo place is too small or too ordinary, even your own backyard will do! If you don't have a sticker, e-mail CBF's E-Communications Manager, Emmy Nicklin, at enicklin [at sign] We look forward to hearing and seeing your travel stories!  



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Emmy Nicklin

And the answer is...ICELAND! Congrats, Brittany, for the correct answer!

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