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Photo of the Week: Bread and Cheese Creek Before and After

BeforeBefore the clean-up event. Photo by John Long.

"This photo was taken in late March of this year on the banks of the Historic Bread and Cheese Creek between Merritt Manor Shopping center and the AMF Bowling Center. This section is constantly [trashed] because the debris blows accross the parking lot and washes off the highway to be deposited on this section of the bank...

[The photo below] shows the results of the hard work of 115 volunteers in the Merritt Boulevard area of Bread and Cheese Creek between Merritt Boulevard and Willow Road [during a Clean Bread and Cheese Creek mid-April cleanup.]

Together we cut up and moved three fallen trees blocking the stream. We removed 30 yards of trash and debris, 20 yards of metal (including seven shopping carts, a lawn mower, an engine head, and the bumper from a 1972 Chevelle), seven tires, five cans of paint, two bicycles, a couch, a bowling ball, and an office chair. This has helped reveal the natural beauty of the historic Bread and Cheese Creek, and kept this trash from flowing into Back River, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean!...It is important for everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and understand it's importance."

—John Long

To view more images from the cleanup, click here.

AFTERAfter the cleanup. Photo by John Long. 


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John Long

Thank you so very much for selecting us for your Photo of the Week! It is wonderful to show the results of all our volunteer's hard work!

Emmy Nicklin

Thank YOU and all the work you do!

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