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Amy's Clean Water Story

Amy's friend Jens jumping off the Martha Lewis. Photo by Amy Kehring.

If it weren't for the Bay, I wouldn't have such wonderful memories of trips from Havre de Grace to Deal Island and points in between.

Sailing on the Skipjack Martha Lewis, an historic vessel built in 1955, is a real treat and I can't imagine my life without this opportunity.

We've spent time on the beautiful Miles River, swimming and diving off of the bowsprit. We've spent time docked in Solomons Island crabbing off the pier. We've spent time anchored outside of Gibson Island, docked in Annapolis by the Naval Academy, and dredging for oysters over at Seven Foot Knoll.

The quality of the waters determine our ability to preserve oyster dredging--the main purpose of the boat I sail on. Without the oysters and the water, how would we teach people about the great history of the Bay? People depended greatly on the bounty of our Bay in the past, and still do.

I would have missed out on so many fun times—the swimming, fishing, cruising, and education of many people along the way—if it weren't for the beautiful Bay. If we can't keep the water clean, all of these opportunities will not be available for future generations to experience.

—Amy Kehring
Joppa, Maryland

Ensure that Amy and future generations continue to swim, fish, cruise, and learn on our waters and Bay. Support the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprintour best hope for a saved Bay.



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