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Photo of the Week: Where in the World Is Save the Bay Now?

WhereintheWorldPhoto by Miriam McCullough.

Hemingway, Capote, and Bishop have all called this whimsical place home. Located at 24.5° N, 81.7° W, this is a place for prime Green Flash viewings. A once playground for pirates and rumrunners, this vibrant place is steeped in history...and beautiful blue-green waters. So Where in the World is Save the Bay Now? Enter your guesses in the comments below...

Are YOU going on any trips this summer? "Save the Bay" is on a quest to travel the world! So bring your sticker with you on your journeys. When you return, send us your digital photos of "Save the Bay" in front of different notable (or even not-so notable) scenes across your city, county, country, and worldNo place is too small or too ordinary, even your own backyard will do! If you don't have a sticker, e-mail CBF's E-Communications Manager, Emmy Nicklin, at enicklin [at sign] cbf.org. We look forward to hearing and seeing your travel stories! 



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Ken Searles

Key West, FL!


Key West, FL

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