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Photo of the Week: Round Bay Sunrise

ImagePhoto by Greg Millenburg.

"This picture was taken October 1, 2012, just before sunrise along Round Bay from Kyle Point. I am a life-long Anne Arundel county resident who has always been in contact with the waters in and around the Chesapeake Bay. What I like most is the fishing opportunities that these waters provide. My grandfather took me crabbing and fishing. I have done the same with my children and have hopefully passed along my passion for this recreation and relaxation.

[Your organization] has helped make this possible through education, legislation, and by setting guidelines to reduce the negative impacts on our wonderful ecosystem. Thank You."

—Greg Millenburg

Ensure that Greg and his grandchildren can continue fishing and crabbing our Chesapeake waters. Support the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint!

Do you have a favorite Bay photo you'd like to submit to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Photo of the Week contest? Send your digital images to CBF's E-Communications Manager, Emmy Nicklin, at enicklin [at sign], along with a brief description of where and when you took the photo, and what the Chesapeake Bay means to you. We look forward to seeing your photos!


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My hats off to everyone that's out there helping and for the rest who are making it possible for them to be there.

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