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Music, Clean Water, and the Eastern Shore

Everyone is up and dancingThe Eastern Shore of Maryland has a great deal to be thankful for. From the rich history of the beautiful colonial towns that dot the landscape, to the farms and forests that stretch from Cecil to Worcester Counties, we are in a unique position to enjoy the "Land of Pleasant Living." 

Of course, we also have the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers and streams right in our own backyard. The Bay has long supported the livelihoods of many who live and work here, but it impacts our lives far beyond our valuable fishing and tourism industries. The Bay brings us together as a community: It's part of our heritage, and we need to work hard to ensure that it is fishable and swimable for future generations to enjoy. 

Sharing ProduceTo help raise awareness about the Bay and involve the community in its restoration, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation is partnering with the Avalon Foundation to host a series of concerts in downtown Easton. The series kicked off in June with a Farmer's Market concert featuring national recording artist Susan Werner, who wowed the crowd by singing and telling stories about her own agricultural background. The  event continued with a ticketed show at the Avalon Theatre with Susan, followed a week later by an outdoor, block-party-style concert featuring the XPDs on June 8. We conclude the series with a final concert on June 29, this one featuring the popular and fun Eastport Oyster Boys.

At each concert, CBF volunteers and staff are prompting people to share stories about the Chesapeake Bay and its value in their lives. It is amazing to hear about all of the ways in which clean water motivates us, from those who grew up fishing and swimming in the Bay, to people who came to this area because of the beauty and opportunity provided by this important resource. The Chesapeake Bay brings us together as a community, and we all have a story to share about the many ways it impacts our lives.

The Crowds Come OutAnd now with the science-based, multi-state, bi-partisan Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint guiding it's restoration, we can unite as a community around clean water. We may all have different backgrounds, and often we have different opinions. But our connection to the Bay and to this area is something we all have in common.

This is the moment in time for the Chesapeake Bay, and for the Eastern Shore of Maryland. This is the moment to restore our national treasure and ensure that the oysters, crabs, and finfish that call this area home will thrive. And most importantly, it is the moment to guarantee that future generations have their own stories to share with their children and grandchildren about the Bay. We'll see you Saturday!

—Photos and Text by Bess Trout, CBF's Eastern Shore Grassroots Field Specialist 

Can't make it on Saturday? Tell us your own Chesapeake clean water story here!


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