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They're on Their Way!

Osprey-Tracking-Banner-940x320-compressedClick here to learn more about our osprey tracking project, and watch as osprey Woody, Tango, Quinn, and Nick take flight!

It's been a long, cold winter, but we're excited to say spring is on the way! Thanks to our new osprey tracking project, we've just received word that two of the four osprey we've been tracking have left the sunny shores of Cuba and Colombia, where they've been wintering, and are now on their way back home to the Chesapeake!

Click here to see for yourself as osprey Nick and Quinn make their way back home. 

Every March, these quintessential Chesapeake birds return to the same nest, where they reunite with their mate, breed, and fish for menhaden. Soon their young will begin to hatch, grow, and fledge, before departing for warmer climes late in the summer. 

Thanks to the conservation-minded folks at Microwave Telemetry, Inc. (MTI), we've been able to track four particular osprey—Woody, Tango, Quinn, and Nick—who spend their spring and summer near our Arthur Sherwood and Port Isobel Island Education Centers for our students to see and study.

Often called the "osprey garden," the Chesapeake Bay has the most concentrated population of osprey in the world. It won't be long now before the familiar cheep-cheep-cheep and majestic dives return to our waters. Simply put, we can't wait.

Safe travels, Woody, Tango, Quinn, and Nick!

—Emmy Nicklin
CBF's E-Communications Manager


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