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Angler Clean Water Story: Good Fishing Is Priceless!

Photo by Emmy Nicklin/CBF Staff.

As for fishing, clean water means that the water is clean enough to support large numbers of the fish I fish for. Therefore, to support the kinds of fish that I care most about from egg to legal size, the water must also be clean enough to support the web of life on which they depend. Clean water along with physical and chemical features of the habitat such as the type of bottom, depth of water, current patterns, amount of structure, temperature and dissolved oxygen all determine what kinds of game fish will be present at any favorite fishing spot and how abundant they will be.

Often, the quality of water and the character of habitat far removed from where I try my fishing luck makes all the difference at dinner time between fresh-caught fish or plan B. The big rock caught near Cape Charles may have been fertilized at Port Deposit. So, to have the best chance of maintaining in good health large numbers of the fish we enjoy catching and/or eating, then we the people must do everything we can, everywhere we can do it to minimize pollution of the water and the destruction of habitat.

Good fishing is priceless and is one of the things that makes life worth living!

Capt. Robin Tyler, Magnolia, Delaware

What does the Bay and its rivers and streams mean to you? Share your angler clean water story here!


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Fishing is always fun. With fishing you can learn how to be patient.

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