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Angler Clean Water Story: Where Have All the Stripers Gone

Angler Clean Water Story: Clean Water Laws Need to Have Teeth


Photo © Neil Ever Osborne

I am a brook trout enthusiast. The fish is arguably one of the most striking freshwater fish to be found. Brookies need clean, cool water to survive. Loss of forests and runoff that carries sediment into streams are major threats to brook trout. I've watched the stream behind my house decline over the past 20 years, due mostly to development and farming along small feeder streams. The trout are fewer in number and smaller. If the declines of the past 20 years occur for another 20, I wonder whether brookies will even live there anymore. The laws protecting streams should have teeth.

Dave Wise, Lititz, PA

As an avid angler, what does the Bay and its rivers and streams mean to you? Share your fishing clean water story or read others here!


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Bonnie Rohrer

This is what bothers me about the fracking taking place in State forest lands & Sate Parks . All of the beautiful clear streams are becoming cesspools. The run offs are a very big problem. I do not understand why so many States and people do not understand how important it is
to fix this and fix it NOW before it is to late and cannot be fixed. These streams will be polluted and dry up and never come back. just like getting rid of old growth trees in the forests.They will never ever come back in anyone's lifetime. We should be ashamed to be leaving the earth in this condition for our children and grandchildren.
My son works for CBF and is trying very hard to stop the run off problems. Clean water is a right for everyone not a political football.

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