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Photo of the Week: The Ultimate Calming Balm

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[I took this] at Podickory Point Yacht & Beach Club (PPYBC) around the bend from Sandy Point State Park [in late February] . . . I thought I would head down to the beach club and see what the ice looked like from the "mainland" side. After I parked along the breakwater there, I spotted a bald eagle right near shore eating.

As I got out, he flew off to the empty osprey nest and dropped his dinner. He spotted a school of fish and dove down and grabbed one up and flew over the ice to eat it. We are members at PPYBC and have never seen a bald eagle . . . it was a welcome surprise to not only see one, but have it stay around long enough to change lenses and get my settings straight. Mighty nice of him (her?).

On a personal level, the Bay is our playground. We sail on it, swim in it, kayak over it, and enjoy the amazing sights around and in it. Sometimes just standing on the shore alone, looking at the beauty of the Bay brightens the spirit and fills the soul a bit. No matter how bad the day, just getting down to the water is the ultimate calming balm.

On a spiritual level, the Bay is a weight, it has an almost magnetic attraction. You can't be close to it without needing to see it, even for a short glimpse, just to confirm it is still there. Even without seeing it, just being near it, you feel it is there.

On a public level, it is a unique ecosystem that I believe we are all stewards of. Everything we put on our lawns or down our driveways ends up there. The local produce and product, all effects the Bay in some way.

I guess for all those reasons, that's why we are defenders of the Bay and joined CBFIf not us, who then? If not now, when? As tired and trite as that is, it happens to hold true.

Chris Bauer 

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