Restoration Success on Pennsylvania's Centre County Stream
When They're Debating the Budget, Wolf and Lawmakers Can't Forget Chesapeake Bay

Restoring the "Coral Reefs" of the Chesapeake

Oyster Reef DAVE HARPA vibrant oyster reef. Photo by Dave Harp.

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Who says there are no coral reefs in the Chesapeake?! Take a look at this interactive slideshow I put together with CBF's Director of Fisheries Bill Goldsborough to learn more. It tells the story of the Chesapeake Bay oyster reefs as first experienced by English colonists four hundred years ago. Huge reefs that grew up from the bottom, shell built upon shell over thousands of years. These structures placed the oysters high in the water column where dissolved oxygen was plentiful and currents brought plentiful food. Each year we learn more about how to restore these essential elements in the Chesapeake ecosystem. Take a look and find out how YOU can get involved in oyster restoration and how to incorporate restoration reefs into your angling season.

 —John Page Williams, CBF’s Senior Naturalist

We're aiming to plant 30 million young oysters in the Bay this oyster planting season—help us get there! Because it's so important, The Orvis Company will generously match every dollar you donate for oyster restoration, $1-for-$1, up to $25,000. Make a donation right now and double your impact on our Bay, on our favorite rivers, on our local streams and all the creatures and fish they support. 


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