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Photo of the Week: Sailing the Bay

Sestakova_RhodeRiver_Half Moon Bay

I took these photos in August and September 2015 during a few sailboats trips [along the Rhode River] I took with my boyfriend. He is an experienced sailor; I am learning. I love being out on the Bay—the area is beautiful and offers so many lovely coves. And witnessing these sunsets certainly adds to my interest to learn about sailing, to spend time on the water, and to explore the Chesapeake Bay. 

—Martina Sestakova

Ensure that Martina and future generations continue to enjoy extraordinary places like these along the Chesapeake. Support the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint—the plan to Save the Bay! 

Do you have a favorite Chesapeake photo you'd like to submit to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Photo of the Week contest? Send your digital images to CBF's Senior Manager of Digital Media, Emmy Nicklin, at enicklin [at sign], along with a brief description of where and when you took the photo, and what the Chesapeake Bay means to you. We look forward to seeing your photos!

Sestakova_Rhode River_Sheephead Cove


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s/v Base Camp

Wow, those are amazing photos! Looks like a beautiful place to sail.

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