Conociendo el Río James
This Week in the Watershed: A Forgotten Fish

Getting to Know the James River

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Earlier this week, about 15 leaders in Central Virginia's Hispanic community and their families spent a sunny fall afternoon on the James River with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. For many of the participants, it was their first time in a boat on the river. They saw bald eagles and blue crabs, and discussed ways to get involved in restoring the James and the Chesapeake Bay.

Join us in our journey along the river through the following photos.

Petersburg Hispanic Liaison Director Aracely Harris holds a blue crab. "I learned about a lot of ways that we can help our environment," Harris said, adding that she hopes to continue to work with CBF in the future. "This will be a great opportunity for everybody."

A group helps haul aboard a trawl net as part of a survey of life in the river. "You can see the joy of kids learning and exploring," said Oscar Contreras, a host at Radio Poder WBTK. "A lot of the Latino community is made up of young families."

CBF Educator Eric Wiegandt (left) examines fish caught in the net while Efrain Carcamo and Alexander Trejo look on with their daughters. 

Mary Trejo, 8, is amazed by a hogchoker fish caught in the trawl net.

Roberto Trejo, 16, watches the James River from the CBF education vessel Baywatcher. "It's wonderful to see the beauty that we have in this area," Contreras said. "A lot of us just go to work, do our daily routines. But it's nice to enjoy what God has created."

CBF staff and local community leaders gather at the end of a beautiful afternoon on the water. Latino families are one of the highest user groups of the James River, said Tanya González, executive director of the Sacred Heart Center. Earlier this year, her organization worked with CBF on the Día de la Bahía riverside litter cleanup. "It's a matter of connecting with people and offering them opportunities to plug in," González said.

—Text and photos by Kenny Fletcher, CBF's Virginia Communications Coordinator



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