Three Examples Show How Ripples Can Become Waves to Save the Bay
Speaking up for Clean Water

Five Important Advocacy Actions You Can Do Right Now

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The Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint is working. By all metrics, we are seeing progress. Citizens, businesses, and governments are rolling up their sleeves to reduce pollution. And it is working.

The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science's Bay Report card issued last spring, our 2016 State of the Bay report, and the Bay Program's Bay Barometer all document improvements. Bay grasses and crabs are up, and the dead zone is trending smaller. But the recovery is fragile, and many clean water advocates are wondering what they can do to help progress continue.

In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever that citizens let their elected officials know that clean water should be an important priority. That cleaning up local rivers and streams will reduce risks to human health, create jobs, and benefit local economies.

It is very important that our state legislators make the needed investments to reduce pollution. That our governors speak up for the Blueprint. And that our federal representatives ensure EPA's full participation in guiding and implementing the Blueprint.

Help ensure the Bay and its rivers and streams remain a priority. Do these five important things right now to Save the Bay:

  1. Find out who represents you by clicking here

  2. Call your state representatives and urge them to support investments in clean water restoration and saving the Bay.

  3. Call your governor and urge him or her to support investments in clean water restoration and saving the Bay.

  4. Call your federal representatives and urge them to seek federal investments for clean water restoration and saving the Bay.

  5. Contact your friends and neighbors and urge them to do the same.

Bonus Action: One of the most effective ways to influence a politician is a personal visit to their office or a town hall meeting. While that takes time and might be out of your comfort zone, they will take note. And we'd be happy to help you plan a visit to their local office. Just click here and shoot us an e-mail.

Done the right way, citizens can have an impact. Elected officials do listen to their constituents. When contacting your representatives, be sure to explain why clean water is important to you. If they have supported clean water efforts, thank them and ask for their continued support. If they haven't been supporters, encourage them to do so in the future.

In these uncertain times, there is one thing that is certain, you can make a difference. Speak up and save the Bay.

 —Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Right now a critical part of the Chesapeake Bay cleanup is facing a massive budget cut! Stand up now to urge Congress to protect the Bay, rivers, and streams we all love.



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Susan Mercurio

I grew up next to the Bay, and even though I live in Minnesota now, the health of the Bay is very important to me.

I will continue to put pressure on my Congressman to protect the Bay. I really miss Bruce Vento, late Chair of the National Parks committee, from Minnesota, and his tireless protection of our environment.

Beth Hall

I support the Bay personally and through my business. My company Tag and Title Service of Maryland helps to support the Bay by promoting vehicle owners to purchase the Bay Tag! This is a way to help the Bay Trust through these hard times of funding change. If you are reading this and want to change your current tags to Bay tags contact me! I am open 7 days a week by appointment and will be happy to help you make this change! Personally my Family and I have volunteered our time in helping clean up areas that cause pollution into the Bay and preserving restoration areas. One of my favorite volunteers was helping to clean recycled oyster shells to reuse in the Bay Program. Help this cause. Reach out to your local officials and make a difference!! - Beth, Owner of Tag and Title Service of Maryland and Anne Arundel County citizen for 33 years.

Peter Maier

Special programs are doomed to fail as long as the CWA is not implemented as intended. Due to a faulty test, EPA ignores nitrogenous (urine and protein) waste in sewage and is therefore not required to be treated under the CWA. This waste, not only exerts an oxygen demand, but also is a fertilizer for algae and for each pound stimulates 20 pounds of new algae.
First thing to do for anybody, concerned with our open waters, is to demand that the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) test is correctly applied, so we will finally will know how sewage is treated and what the impact is of this partly treated sewage on receiving water bodies. For those interested read the history and a description of the BOD test.

May Ruth Seidel

I urge you to not accept the Trump budget. it cuts federal money for protecting the Chesapeake Bay, it's tributaries and streams. that federal money is needed to continue to clean the water in the Bay

Thank you, May Ruth Seidel

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