Gearing up for Clean Water Week

  SmithsunsetPhoto by CBF Staff.

In just three days, Marylanders will gather in Easton to celebrate clean water...will you be there?!

"With clean water plans being developed now in every Maryland county," CBF's Senior Land Use Policy Manager Alan Girard says, "we wanted to host a series of events to help people see and hear what's going on locally to meet the Bay's pollution diet. People connect with the Bay in different ways, so it was important to provide a variety of programs that suit different tastes."

And indeed "variety" is the word to describe it. From film previews to poster competitions to concerts and panels, Clean Water Week offers something for everyone. Participants will also learn about what's being done nowand what else we could be doingto chart a new course forward for reducing water pollution in our rivers, streams, and Bay.

With a dozen sponsoring groupsincluding Adkins Arboretum, Easton Main Street, Maryland Chapter of the Sierra Club, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, and Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancyand well over two dozen additional supporting organizations, Clean Water Week is truly a community event.

"People care about clean water, and these events are a chance to show just how much healthy waterways mean to our families and livelihoods," says Girard. "It's a chance to celebrate bringing back the health of our rivers and the Bay and show state and local decision-makers just how strong community support really is for actions that can make our waters fishable and swimmable within 10 years."

—Emmy Nicklin

Clean Water Week is fun for all ages—and admission is free, with refreshments served most nights. Celebrate bringing back the health of local rivers and streams and the Chesapeake Bay with music, film, art, and educational programs throughout the week. Plus, learn the latest on ways to make our local waterways clean and healthy again. Visit for more details, download the Clean Water Week flier here, and mark your calendar today!

Here's a quick line-up of what to expect:


Susquehanna Odyssey

CBF's Student Leadership Course Along the Mighty Susquehanna

This week high schoolers are exploring and investigating the Bay’s largest tributary—the great Susquehanna River—with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF). As they paddle through the Susquehanna River Trail visiting rural and urban communities along the way, students will meet experts and use film, photography, journaling, fishing, chemistry, and even plein air painting. These multimedia creations will be used to piece together a diverse study of the regions past, present, and future, leading to a greater understanding of the local watershed. Check out the first few photos of the CBF course below!


IMG_20110731_184335 IMG_20110801_120419

IMG_20110801_120904 IMG_20110801_120910


Krista Schlyer's Chesapeake Bay RAVE Video Blog

Photographer Krista Schlyer has been photographing in Maryland for the Chesapeake Bay RAVE for about eight days now. She has been on a pontoon boat on the Anacostia River, looking at native fish populations, and exploring Rock Creek Park for stormwater problems.

Says Krista, "I'm hoping to use my images to raise awareness for the Chesapeake Bay watershed in hopes that we can amend the Clean Water Act to ensure that we actually do the kind of things that we've been saying for a long time that we want to do to protect the Chesapeake Bay.  And I'm hoping to show people this is a beautiful, beautiful place…that people can go visit and hopefully learn to love and want to protect. And also to show people just how bad it is because it's a really bad situation right now."

Join Krista and help amend the Clean Water Act.

Read Krista's post "Rediscovering the Anacostia."

Upcoming MPT Special Reveals Critical Area Flaws

Little Dobbins Island As the Maryland General Assembly meets to debate new, stricter regulations on Chesapeake Bay waterfront development, Maryland Public Television (MPT) will air a new program that examines Maryland’s Critical Area Law.

"Weary Shoreline," a documentary about the failure to enforce Maryland's Critical Area law, airs at 9 p.m. Wednesday night. For a preview of the show, check out Tim Wheeler's post on the Baltimore Sun's News & Environment blog.

One prime example of the Critical Area law's "death by one thousand cuts" is back in the news. Just last week, David Clickner, owner of Dobbins Island, resurrected plans to build a 4,500-square-foot home, septic system, and road on the island--plans which violate Maryland's Critical Area law but which Clickner has received variance approvals for from the state.

Fervent discussion over HB 1253—set for General Assembly debate February 28 (the day after Weary Shoreline’s premiere)—is expected. Among several proposed changes to this controversial law, the bill mandates that new development (including houses, outbuildings, decks, patios, driveways, landscaping and swimming pools) be even farther away from the bay shoreline than the current 100 feet. Instead, the inner Critical Areas shoreline buffer would be expanded from 100 feet to 300 feet.

Events this Week

3/15 -- Energy Film Festival and Lecture Series, Films: Nobelity, Sundance Summit, Salisbury, MD
3/16 -- Think Globally, Design Locally: Green Buildings in the Chesapeak, Architect Janet Harrison (Harrison was the Green Consultant for CBF's Philip Merrill Environmental Center, the first building to earn the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Platinum award), Howard Community College, Columbia, MD
3/17 -- VoiCes Adult Bay Education Program all-day field trip, Cambridge, MD
3/17 -- VoiCeS Adult Education Program, all-day field trip, Frederick, MD
3/17 -- Monocacy Farm Stewardship Project, Stream Buffer Restoration, Mt. Airy, MD

Other things we've heard about:

Sip a Green Drink at this happy hour with others who share your passion for the environment.

If you have any relevant events in your neck of the woods that you'd like to share with your Chesapeake Bay neighbors, let us know.

Working Food and Farmscapes

Hi Folks,

I sure hope we'll see you there. We need your support to bring all of these connections together!

Food For Life Balance Show
Working Food and Farmscapes

Foodies (or not) and friends will want to attend an Annapolis show
held midday Saturday, January 2007. The event links the connection of
food, cooking and the land in a beautiful presentation of photographs, music and cooking held at the Anne Arundal Medical Center/Wellness.

Food For Life Balance workshop serves as a template for giving this program nationally with key players involved. Rita Calvert is putting the final touches on the show/workshop to be given with the sponsorship of Whole Foods/Annapolis, Clagett Farm of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Wendy Child and the medical center.

Beautiful animated photos of the farm (mostly Clagett)and food (styled or simply growing naturally) enhance the 3 hour event which includes a luscious lunch, live cooking demo, Eat For the Seasons, "Kit in a Can" and background music from the local artist, Mark Schatz of Nickel Creek.

Food For Life Balance: The Connection

Ingenious Entertaining Menu

Surprise Snack
Sweet Pea Dip with Scoops
Meditarrnean Soup, w/“Floating Bruschetta”
Lacquer Glazed Salmon (or Chicken)
Parmesan Lace Filled Baskets
Sinfree Creme Caramel with Grand Marnier Glazed Fruit
Sweet Spiced Chai

Date: January 27, 2007 10:00-1:00 PM

Cost $50.00

Anne Arundel Medical Center/Wellness
Pat Sajak Pavillion/Conference Room

Please email
Reservations : 443 481-4000