Christmas Trees and Wreaths for Sale


Christmas Trees straight from the farm!

Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Clagett Farm

11904 Old Marlboro Pike, Upper Marlboro MD 20772

10am - 2pm on the 4 weekends after Thanksgiving

Nov. 24 & 25, December 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16

or by appointment (301-627-4662) any other day.

  • Locally grown, minutes outside D.C.
  • Just $40 for any size!
  • All sizes available
  • Pesticide, herbicide and fertilizer-free (you won't find that from any other tree dealer near you)
  • Served as a nesting and hiding place for birds and critters.
  • A fun outing for the whole family.
  • We can help cut the tree and strap it to your car. P1000787
  • Boxwood wreaths for sale, as well

Trees are Scotch Pine and White Pine, which are the best type for our region.

Why Christmas trees?  Clagett Farm is a hilly place--not the right spot for a lot of plowing.  The hills have been heavily eroded from the years of tobacco farming before our time, which makes them a poor spot for most crops.  Christmas trees are a way of keeping the hills covered in vegetation, providing insect and animal habitat, and still making some money. 

As it happens, they also make a great spot for wandering around outside in the sunshine on a wintery day with your family and friends.  Bring a picnic, your dog, and enjoy the fresh air. 

Consider measuring your ceiling height before you come.  A tree that looks small under the big, open sky suddenly looks larger inside your house!

Almost ready to take your orders

Wondering why you haven't heard from us yet? 

We're chomping at the bit, almost ready to send order forms to all of you who were members last year.  We're just waiting for a couple things.  With some luck, you should be getting an order form by e-mail next week. 

The Dupont Pick-Up

We're hoping to have the pick-up site in the parking lot of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, at 15th & P Streets, NW.  We're waiting for them give us permission.  It's terrific of them to entertain the possibility.  Let's hope they say yes!  Soon!

Credit Card Payments

We're also waiting for the Capital Area Food Bank to give us a web site for credit card payments.  To their great credit, they wanted to take a little extra time to make sure the security on that page is as tight as possible.  

We actually prefer checks

We pay about 2% for the privilege of taking your money by credit card.  It's about $11 per share paid by credit, which came to $1800 last year.  We thought it would relieve us of some of the work of processing your payments, but in the end it didn't.  So if you're willing to pay by check this year, that would be a big help. 

I just went to the post office and rented a box for the spring so we can be confident your checks will arrive, in spite of any snow storms that might come our way.  Our address (for the next six months) is P.O. Box 545, Upper Marlboro MD 20773.  The regular farm address still works (11904 Old Marlboro Pike) but the post office box is more reliable.  The prices are the same as last year.  We'll send you all this information again next week when send you order forms and ask you to sign up. 

For those of you who ask about the farm dog, Cassie, you can see how she's been making herself comfortable while we work in the office...

Cassie in fireplace

Photo taken by Deborah Starobin Armstrong, office volunteer extraordinaire. 

Post by Carrie Vaughn,  your farmer. 

Have Your Clagett Photos Featured on the Blog

IMG_3488 We'd love to feature more photos from our CSA members here on the blog.

If you're snapping photos of your produce after you get home or taking your camera along on a trip to the farm, we'd love it if you allowed us permission to feature them within our posts and updates.

There are two ways to submit photos:

1. Add them to our Facebook Page. In the Photos tab of our page, click "Upload photos" and submit them here. In the caption, please include how you should be credited when we use the images.

2. Email them to Clay, who is volunteering with us this season and writing most of our blog posts. In the email, please include how you want to be credited.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to post them in the comments. And thanks in advance for submitting photos!

Photo via

Last photos for 2003

Seven photos were added to this year's photo album (a couple of them were already published in the weblog.) To jump directly to these last photos click <a href="">here</a>. To start from the beginning, click on the photos link on the left sidebar.

A couple of November photos

Carrie and Ken Weiss finishing work on the garlic field.

<a href=" garlic/planting_garlic.jpg"><img alt="planting_garlic.jpg" src=" garlic/planting_garlic-thumb.jpg" width="350" height="439" border="0" /></a>

One of our last harvests. Carrie, Lara and our hard working van behind them.

<a href=""><img alt="late_harvest.jpg" src="" width="350" height="225" border="0" /></a>

October Photos

<img alt="cow_barns_for_weblog.jpg" src="" width="350" height="228" border="0" />

Thirteen photos, all of them taken in October, were added to our photo album. You can jump directly to the new photos by clicking <a href="">here</a>, and then moving on to the next pictures (from photos 11 to 23.) To enter the album from its main page click <a href="">here</a>, or click on the Farm Photos: 2003 link on the left sidebar.

Clagett Farm Photo Album

Now we have a Clagett Farm photo album online. Only ten pictures for now, about half of which were already published here, but we'll be adding more photos in not too long. You can view the album by clicking on <a href="">Farm Photos: 2003</a>.

The "cover" of the album shows thumbnail pictures. For an enlarged image of any given photo, click on it. For future reference, the left sidebar of this weblog has the above link to the album. Being the photographer of most of them, Carrie does not appear on any of the photos. But this will change with the next batch of pictures.

Three Farm Pictures

Some of our barns.

<a href=" -- barns.jpg"><img alt="clagett -- barns.jpg" src=" -- barns-thumb.jpg" width="350" height="167" border="0" /></a>

Rion and Becca at the Wash Station.

<a href=" -- rion and becka.jpg"><img alt="clagett -- rion and becka.jpg" src=" -- rion and becka-thumb.jpg" width="350" height="234" border="0" /></a>

Matt, Amanda and Megan hard at work. Carrie, our head grower, recommends an ergonomically correct "broom sweeping" motion for hoeing. With those huge weeds, Matt had enough of that.

<a href=" -- matt and amanda and megan.jpg"><img alt="clagett -- matt and amanda and megan.jpg" src=" -- matt and amanda and megan-thumb.jpg" width="350" height="274" border="0" /></a>