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The highs and lows of sweet potatoes

I know that many of you are well-aware of how peculiar the weather was this year. We do our best to draw on previous experience to decide how much of each crop to plant, but this enormous variability makes planning a challenge.

Want an example? Last year we harvested just over 11,000 pounds of sweet potatoes (That was about 60 lbs. per share, if memory serves). Given our over-abundance (and also because organic sweet potato plants were in short supply this year), we planted about half as many plants this year, and harvested only about 500 pounds total. That's just 5% of last year's harvest. Yikes!

Certainly we could use hot-houses and chemicals to get more control over our harvest, but I don't think that's what you would want from us. I thank you, and our farm thanks you.


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