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New shares for 2004--news and order form

That time of year has come again, at last.

For those of you who have not been members before, please download this 3-page, general description of the Community Supported Agriculture concept, and the From the Ground Up project we have here at Clagett Farm.

<a href="">Download file</a>

Since most of you have been members before, let me save you the trouble of re-reading our brochure, and I'll just tell you what we've changed and give you a few announcements.

1)We are increasing the number of shares picked up at the farm this year by about 30, and at Dupont by about 10. We will happily divert any of that increase to the Anacostia Farmers' Market, if there is interest.
There is also a slim chance that we may need to create a new pick-up site in Dupont Circle or Takoma Park on Saturdays (depending on where there is more interest), so we've created a space for you to rank your favorite sites on the order form. We know there's lots of demand for a new site, and it's not because we don't love you that we are reluctant to take on this new obligation. Primarily, it's because we think you get a better share when more of you come to the farm. Perhaps we'll elaborate later in the weblog.

2)The Anacostia Farmers' Market has moved again--place and time. No one wanted us to move this frequently, but that last location just wasn't working. Pending confirmation from the Feds, our new site will be on the median of 14th Street, SE between V & U Streets, SE. If we are rejected from this site, the alternate sites are within a few blocks. This is very near the major intersection of MLK, Jr. Ave. and Good Hope Rd. in downtown Anacostia.
The new time will be WEDNESDAY 3-7pm. We consider our dear shareholders there some of our most patient and stalwart supporters. We know it's inconvenient for us to change your schedule, but we hope you can still make it!

3)PARTY! We're having a potluck on the farm on Saturday, March 20 at 6:30pm. It should be a relaxed, informal affair, and a great time to chat with us about all your ideas for the farm. Bring food if you can, but don't let that stop you--we'll have plenty of food for you here if you don't.

4)We're hiring now, so spread the word. We pay $7.50/hr, part-time or full, 3-5 months from April through November.

If you're ready to order a share, print out the following order form and send it to the address or fax number at the end.

From the Ground Up Order Form

Select when and where you would be willing to pick up your vegetables every week, and rank them in order of preference (1 is the highest)—do not rank the ones you do not want as your regular pick-up:
____Clagett Farm, Saturdays 1-4pm
____Clagett Farm, Tuesdays 3-7pm
____Anacostia Farmers’ Market, Wednesdays 3-7pm
____Dupont Circle, Tuesdays 5-7pm
____Dupont Circle, Saturdays 3-5pm**
____Takoma Park, Saturdays 3-5pm**
**One of these new sites will be added only if absolutely necessary

I would like: (assume we will not create a new site)
____ share(s) at Clagett or Anacostia for $385 each
____ share(s) at Dupont (or Takoma Park) for $425 each
____ to work for a share (no cost)
____ to donate $________ to help provide shares to low-income families (tax-deductible).
$_____ Total Amount.

____I am a returning member. ____I am a new member.

I am paying by:
____Credit card : Credit Card #:________________________Exp.______ Circle: Visa or Mastercard
____Enclosed check for total amount, made payable to Capital Area Food Bank.
____Alternate Payment Plan (as previously described), I am sending both the current and post-dated checks with this form.
Daytime phone (___)_____________ Evening phone (___)_______________
__Please do not include my name and contact information in a member directory.

I understand that farming can be unpredictable and that there may be occasional weather-related problems that may affect the size or variety of my share. I trust the farmers and the farm staff to do their best.
Signature: ____________________________________________Date: ______________

Please return this to us by mail or fax. You may also call us during business hours with your credit card number. We will fill shares in the order that the forms were sent.

From the Ground Up
11904 Old Marlboro Pike
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
Phone: 301-627-4662
Fax: 301-574-3705

Feel free to call or email with any questions.
We will send you an email confirmation once you are a member. We will also send you a Member Handbook with more details about the farm and how your weekly pick-up will work.

We're excited to see you again!