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2004 farm photos

If you want to see some of this year's farm photos, click on <a href="">Clagett Farm Photos: 2004</a>. Or you can click <a href="">here</a> to start directly with the first picture of the "photo album." To move on to the second picture click on <strong>next</strong>. We have thirty pictures so far, but we'll be adding more as the season progresses. For a preview, below is a photo of some of us transplanting fall brassicas:

<a href="" onclick="'','popup','width=500,height=426,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,toolbar=no,directories=no,location=no,menubar=no,status=no,left=0,top=0'); return false"><img alt="holly_transplanting_weblog" src="" width="350" height="298" border="0" /></a>

Just in case, our photo album links (for 2003 and 2004) are on the left sidebar of the weblog.

HELP! We need more workshares

<p>Lots of people have come to try out a work share, but recently, our pool of volunteers has dwindled! We would love more help any day (Monday through Saturday), but we're most needy on Tuesday and Saturday mornings for the harvest. 4 hours of work = 1 week's share of vegetables. Often we can offer a ride from the metro, if needed. Email or call us if you have questions (301)627-4662 or just show up. Spread the word! </p>