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Don't send us money for 2005 shares yet!

<p>We've been delighted that some enthusiastic, would-be members have already sent us money for a 2005 share.&nbsp; Nonetheless, we're not quite ready for you.&nbsp; We're still deciding on some small changes, and working out a few kinks in the way we process your shares.&nbsp; Drop us a line to tell us you're waiting with bated breath, and we'll be sure to include your email among the first that receives our new 2005 order form.&nbsp; I'm aiming to get them out around the end of February, (but that's not a promise).&nbsp; </p> <p>Also, we do <strong>not</strong> plan to have a pick-up site in or near Takoma Park.&nbsp; As always, we'll encourage you to take turns picking up your share with another nearby member, instead.&nbsp; We only want happy, satisfied customers, though, so if driving to the farm is too much, try shopping around for a more nearby source of locally-grown, environmentally-friendly produce.&nbsp; These sites might help: <a href=""></a>, <a href=""> directory of farmers' markets</a>, <a href=""> &quot;farm locator&quot;</a> and <a href=""></a>.&nbsp; Or, if you'd like to donate a deisel van that we can convert to consume used vegetable oil, we would be so grateful you could have your share delivered wherever you want.&nbsp; </p> <p>Thanks everyone!</p>