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Part-Time Job Announcement

<p><strong>Part-Time Youth Coordinator for Farmers Market Crew </strong></p> <p><strong> JOB DESCRIPTION: </strong><br /> Seeking adult experienced in sustainable agriculture to mentor and facilitate a small group of urban youth in the harvest and packing of fruits and vegetables from our farm in Upper Marlboro, MD, and the set-up, sales and promotion of this produce at a small weekly farmers market in SE Washington, DC. </p> <p> Duties will include training, educating and supervising high-school and college-age youth on farming, food and nutrition as well as vegetable marketing and community outreach. Qualified candidates will have a workable knowledge of gardening and/or farming, respect for people from all backgrounds, strong leadership skills, patience and a sense of humor. Valid driver's license required. <br /> <strong><br /> HOURS: </strong><br />Approximately 12 hours/week, to be split between Tuesdays and Wednesdays as appropriate. On Wednesdays: Youth will be arriving at Clagett Farm by 10 am; set-up for the Anacostia Farmers Market begins at 2 pm; market runs from 3 - 7 pm; break-down and return of supplies to Clagett Farm takes place after close of market. <br /> <strong><br /> START DATE: </strong><br /> Tuesday, July 5. <br /> <strong><br />PROJECT DESCRIPTION: </strong> <br /><strong>From the Ground Up at Clagett Farm (FGU)</strong> is a joint effort of the <strong>Chesapeake Bay Foundation</strong> and the <strong>Capital Area Food Bank</strong> to bring nutritious, fresh produce to communities of all income levels throughout the DC area. In addition to raising vegetables in an environmentally sensitive manner on 15 acres in Upper Marlboro, MD, FGU works to educate the public about the relationship between agriculture, our environment, the food supply and social justice. </p> <p> All fruit and vegetables from Clagett Farm are grown free from chemicals and genetic modification. Nearly half of our annual yield is designated for receipt by high-need communities, and the balance is sold through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and at the Anacostia Farmers Market. Clagett Farm also serves as a hands-on learning environment for children of low-income families from DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia through the FGU Sprouts education program, which allows urban youth the opportunity to participate in vegetable growing, meet farm animals, and share in some of the harvest while learning about their health and the environment.</p> <p>Compensation is $10.00/hour. </p> <p>If interested, please contact Andrea Merritt at <a href=""></a>.</p>


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