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Transplanting Tomatoes

We transplanted tomatoes this past Friday, April 28. It was a glorious spring day, just perfect to work outside. Farm workers and volunteers enjoyed a day with few glitches. Here are a few photos to show you what we did. First, we see Rob Vaughn disking the cover crop.
Next, Megan Caine, a dear Clagett Farm veteran who now often volunteers, is pulling out tomato seedlings from their trays to place them in the transplanter container. Tuz Boy is the dog checking out the operation.


And in the last picture, Kenji Warren is driving the tractor and volunteers Sean O'Harra and Terry Victor are sitting on the transplanter working as tomato seedlings setters.


Our transplanter is very old and was originally used for tobacco. It's a very ingenious device. For a quick explanation of how it works, click here to read one of our posts from last year. 

A Healthy Cover Crop

The lush green field in the foreground of the photo is a cover crop--a mix of hairy vetch and rye grass seeded by Rob last fall. Here is a closer look at this healthy mix.
In not too long this cover crop will be incorporated into the soil with a tractor-pulled disker. After that the next step will be to transplant vegetable seedlings. And those seedlings will produce yummie veggies that all of us will be enjoying later in the summer. I believe that the field above is where our eggplant will be this year. To learn a bit more about cover crops, click here to read what Rob wrote about them back in 2004.


Hello everyone,
I went to the farm on Sat., April 15. I helped Kathleen and Kenji cover the potatoes with some straw to protect them from bugs and weeds. Here are some photos. Click on the image to see a larger version.
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Shares are sold out for the 2006 season

Shares filled up quickly this year, and though I hate to turn away wonderful new customers, we're sold out.  If you know anyone who would like to join next year, tell them to send us an email.  We'll add them to a list of folks who will be informed as soon as we begin selling shares for 2007.  Also, we never run out of space for work sharers, so send those able bodies our way!
Now, back to mulching those potatoes...