Close to the Height of the Harvest
Oh Sweet Crimson!

Summer Planting

In addition to the continual bountiful harvest of tomatoes and other summer crops, this week we have also been busy in the field below the wash station.  After cutting the cover crops last week,  we went to work on spading and seeding a few of the beds.

Here is Dave on the tractor, spading the beds and further incorporating the cover crops into the soil.

And Kenji seeding a freshly spaded bed with Spicy Mix.  On Thursday we also planted carrots, cilantro, and spinach.  If all goes well, everyone will get to enjoy these veggies and herbs in the fall.

Cassie, as always, doing her part to help out on the farm.
Later in the day we installed irrigation lines in the four newly seeded beds. 

Kenji, taking a well-deserved break at the wash station.

Here is Joe, watering the brassica seed trays near the wash station.  Soon we will be transplanting these seedlings in fields throughout the farm.


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