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Winter at the Farm

This week brought a beautiful ice storm to Upper Marlboro. Below are a couple scenes from the farm taken on February 14, 2007

Img_2307a The Wash Station parking lot looked like an ice skating rink

Img_2309a The herb garden became a ice sculpture garden

Img_2368aThe view from the warmth of Carrie and Rob's living room.

All photos were taken by Deborah Starobin-Armstrong

When do I buy a share in the 2007 season?

If you have been a member of our farm before, then NOW is the time to purchase your share for the 2007 season.  We want you back!  And we want to guarantee a space for you.  We sent several email invitations to all of our 2006 members in January, so if you did not receive them, then let us know because something went wrong.  We will hold your space for you until February 28, 2007, so don't delay!

If you hope to be a new member, come back to this weblog on MARCH 1, 2007.  On that day we will post an order form and information about the 2007 season.  We will take orders according to who pays us first, and generally the Dupont pick-up is the first to fill up.  We will not accept orders from new members until March first. 

The prices this year are the same as last year:
$405 to pick up at the farm on Tuesdays 3-7pm or Saturdays 1-4pm
$405 to pick up at the Anacostia Farmers' Market on Wednesdays from 3-7pm, and
$445 to pick up near Dupont Circle on Tuesdays from 5-7pm.
And just as the last 2 years, if you would like to switch pick-up sites a few weeks out of the year, you do not need to give us advanced notice. 

Here's to another season of fresh, healthy, local, eco-friendly food!

Keeping in touch with your farm

Some of our customers have mentioned that they like seeing the farm updates posted on this weblog, but rarely remember to check it.  The solution?  Follow these instructions:
1) Highlight this URL address and copy it:
2) Click on that orange "RSSFWD:" button at the top left corner of this page.
3) If it asks you for a URL address, paste the one above which you just copied.
4) When it asks you for your email address, enter it there. 
5) Respond to their email which asks you to confirm your request.
Voila!  From that point on you should receive an email whenever we post a new message on this blog which you can read or delete at your leisure.  If you ever decide to unsubscribe, those instructions will be at the bottom of each email. 

2007 photo calendars by Roshani Kothari

You might recognize Roshani Kothari's name from the cotton bags and aprons we have for sale at the farm.  She has taken lots of beautiful pictures of our farm and produce and she's used those photos to design products for our benefit.  Check out the link below to see some great calendars she's created, including several featuring our farm.  Download your own from her website for free!


Our 2007 crop plans

by Carrie Vaughn

Each winter we make big plans for everything we'll plant in the year to come.  I'm overcome with irrational optimism with occasional waves of dread.  Generally we expect about 80% of what we plant in the ground to successfully produce a crop that makes it to your table.  Depending on whether I'm feeling optimistic or dreadful, that might seem like it's right on the mark or too high.

Ocassionally someone wants to know details about which varieties we're planting and how much.  For those of you interested enough to try to make sense of my spreadsheet, you're more than welcome to check it out.  I've tried to attach it below as an Open Office document (you can download this software for free from the web) and an Excel document (I think it worked--let me know if it didn't).

Download 2007 crop_plans.ods (Open Office)

Download 2007 crop_plans.xls (Excel)


Calendar of events

We're gearing up our greenhouse operation now, so if anyone would like to join us on a weekday, give me a call (301-646-0282).

Here are a few other events here and elsewhere in the area we thought you all might be interested in:

Monday, February 19
Enviro Lobby Day
3:00 – 8:00 pm
Annapolis, MD

Join us in Annapolis to lobby your legislator on key environmental legislation like the Green Fund and Clean Cars. Location to be determined. For more information, contact Terry Cummings at

Saturday, March 3
9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Reducing Toxics in Your Home and in the Bay Workshop
CBF Headquarters
Annapolis, MD

Join us at a workshop to learn how to reduce toxic chemicals for general household cleaning, in the laundry, and in the garden.  We’ll also discuss the human health and ecosystem impacts of toxic pollutants, such as mercury, that are emitted from coal-fired power plants. To register, contact Marcy Damon at or call 443-482-2156.

Saturday, March 17
9 am – 1 pm
Monocacy Farm Stewardship Project, Stream Buffer Restoration
Mt. Airy, MD

We need your help! Volunteers will help restore 7,000’ of streambank on a large beef cattle farm by planting 1,300 native trees and shrubs in an area where the cows have been fenced out of the stream. Equipment, refreshments and tools provided. Project funders include: Chesapeake Bay Trust, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the US Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Program. Project partners include: Natural Resource Conservation Service, Frederick County Soil Conservation District, Frederick County Department of Planning, MD-DNR Forest Service, Hood College, Thorpewood, New Forest Society, Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland,  US Fish and Wildlife Service, Monocacy and Catoctin Watershed Alliance.  For more information and directions, contact Marcy Damon at 443-482-2156 or email

Tuesday – Thursday, April 10, 11, 12,
Saturday – Sunday, April 14 -15
Saturday, April 21
9 am– 1 pm
1 – 4 pm
Tree Nursery Workdays, Clagett Farm (that's here!)

(We'll be potting trees throughout April, so if those dates don't work for you, just call Rob at 301-646-0281 to schedule another day.)

We will be potting up several thousand tree seedlings, as part of our expanded nursery operation. All trees in the nursery are grown out for restoration projects in the Bay watershed. Dress for the weather, equipment and refreshments provided.  Choose morning or afternoon session. To register, send your complete contact information to Marcy Damon at 443-482-2156 or email

April 29 - Spring Festival at Clagett Farm!
Take this opportunity to get to know your farm and fellow members.  More details later.

Saturday, May 12, Bay-Friendly Landscaping Project, Quiet Waters Park, Annapolis, MDContact Marcy Damon at or call 443-482-2156 for more information.