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Great help--Deborah, Carole and Andrea

We've had a busy time here in the farm's office, and I want to give a special thanks to the three people who have been patiently replying to emails, phone calls and faxes, keeping careful track of orders and introducing a sense of professionalism to this chaotic place.  They've been working hard here every Tuesday since January for neither food nor money--just for the sake of the farm and all of us who enjoy it.
Pictured here is our glorious Tuesday team--Deborah Starobin-Armstrong, Carole Grunberg and Andrea Humm.  Without them, you'd still be wondering when we were going to start selling shares and why I never return your calls and emails.
Thank you!!

Shares full

That was fast!

All of our shares filled up within the first few days.  We still have to iron out which orders get the last few slots, but to be sure, if you haven't faxed or mailed your order by now, I'm afraid we cannot accept your order.  We have emailed everyone whose order arrived by Tuesday, so if you're surprised you haven't heard from us, let us know. 

This is one of the worst jobs at the farm--turning away people who would be great customers.  If any of you know someone interested in starting a CSA in the DC area, tell them the market is ripe for more supply.  In the meantime, everyone is still welcome to work for a share, or visit our farm stand at the Anacostia Farmers' Market on Wednesdays from 3-7pm from June to November, between U & V Sts. on 14th St., SE.  I also recommend visiting for a directory for other local CSAs, co-ops and farmers' markets. 

We still have some half-price shares we can sell to low-income folks, so if you know anyone interested, please spread the word.  Anyone who qualifies for WIC, EBT or disability is eligible, as well as anyone who makes less than 185% of the federal poverty level (email or call us for details--301-627-4662).  These are full shares at half the price--equivalent in size to our full-price share and work share.   


2007 CSA Order Form for new members

If you would like to become a new member of From the Ground Up CSA at Clagett Farm, now's your chance!  Click here to download 2007_order_form.pdf .  You may mail or fax the order form with your check or credit card number.  We will take them in order of the date the payment was sent, so if you mail your order form and payment, we will use the date of your postmark.  That way someone who faxes her order is not more likely to get a share than someone who mails it on the same day.

The prices and pick-up sites for this year are the same as they were last year.   Click here to veiw a detailed description of our CSA for the 2007 season.  We welcome your questions, so if you need more information, please feel free to email us at or call us at 301-627-4662.

A note about your pick-up site:
Many people find that they cannot make it to their pick-up site in a particular week, or they forgot to pick up their share.  We want to help!  You may pick up your share at any pick-up site within 7 days before or after the one you missed.  So for example, if you normally pick up at Dupont but you know you'll be out of town on a particular Tuesday, you can come to the farm on the Saturday before or after the share you're missing, or you could come to Anacostia the day after the share you missed.  As another example, if you sign up to pick up at the farm on Tuesdays, but would prefer to pick up on Saturday on occassion, that's no problem either.  Here's the rules to remember:

  • Please make sure we have you signed up for your most frequent pick up site and day.
  • We have limited space in our delivery van, so please do not pick up at Dupont more than 4 times if that is not your regular pick up site.
  • You are encouraged but not required to tell us in advance that you will be picking up at a different pick-up site.