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Let it Rain

I hope you have been enjoying a lot of outdoor activities in all this dry weather.  For us, it's been quite a bear.  We had a thunderstorm a week ago that brought less than a quarter inch of rain--not even enough to sink into the soil.  So as the weeks go by without any moisture, your strawberries have been getting smaller and smaller.  Today we couldn't even find enough to fill all the pints we had planned to give out. 

We do have irrigation on some fields, and on the potted tree nursery.  The two wells have been running non-stop for weeks.  You can thank those wells for our sweet carrots and lettuce.  But the grass and clover for the cows (and deer) has been quite slow to grow, so I expect the deer will start taking a greater portion of our vegetable fields soon. 

But thank goodness, the meteorologists are predicting rain with the cold front that's coming tomorrow.  So be sure to wash your cars, hang your clothes outside on the line, do a rain dance, say a prayer, and do anything else you can to bring the rain!



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I think you just got your wish. Looks like there's more rain on the way too. We'll keep dancing for you!

The carrots are wonderfully sweet and the lettuce quite amanzing! The herbs are just awesome. It is wonderful to belong to this farm. Thank you for your good work.

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