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Farm's water clean and toxin-free

Here's a little post to calm the fears you didn't even have. 

We recently purchased a water test for one of our wells--the one that feeds most of the farm, including the washing station and greenhouses.  We do a simple test for bacteria, nitrates, lead and the like four times per year, but recently I've been casting a leery eye toward the nearby landfills. So we decided to purchase the most thorough test available to make sure there were no heavy metals, organophosphates or PCBs lurking in our water table.  We are totally clear.  We're even clear of about four dozen things I didn't even know existed. 

I'm sure you weren't really worried anyway, but since we have the test, why not post it on the blog?  Click here if you want to read the details: Download Clagett water test 2-09

So next time you're at the farm, feel free to fill your water bottle and enjoy!

Know your Nitrogen footprint

You are probably well aware that your daily activities (and everyone's in this region) create pollution that leads to the decline of oysters, crabs, birds, fish, and other critters (and humans!) that live in and around the Chesapeake Bay.  But sometimes it's hard to know just which changes in our lifestyles we can make to give us the best bang for our buck, so to speak.  Well now, the Nitrogen Calculator can show you how much nitrogen pollution your activities are creating, and best of all, how to change it.  Exciting!  Give it a try.  It's quick and fascinating. 
Nitrogen calculator

Just six shares available to new members at Dupont

Well this was a surprise!  Returning members have purchased 67 of 73 available shares for pick-up at Dupont.  That's the highest in my memory.  At the farm we filled 109 of the 177 available shares.  So we had a 70% retention rate among our members.  That's the good news.  

The bad news is that the 798 people (!) who have inquired about purchasing shares this year as new members have a very small chance of success.  Only 9% of interested customers will be able to purchase shares. 

We will sell these shares to the first people who sign up at 10:00am on March 3rd at the following web site:

Now let's find some more farmers out there to serve these customers!  Clearly we need more CSAs serving the DC area.


2009 Crop Plans

We recently ordered our seed for this season and made our plans for when to plant which crops.  It all comes together in some very dense spreadsheets.  This is not idle reading, but if any of you are particularly interested in which varieties we have chosen or when we plan to put them in the ground or greenhouse, you can download a copy of our plan. 

Download 2009 CSA crop plans Clagett Farm

You'll notice that we just planted your broccoli, cabbage, collards and kale!