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Through the Spring

We're on our way to a great season.  The first few harvest days went well - filling the share with greens and strawberries.  As we prepare for summer, here is a brief look at the progression of the 2009 season on Clagett Farm.


Cassie at the wash station this winter.


The first seedlings getting started in the greenhouse in March.  These little kale plants were in your first share!


KPMG1Braving a stormy day in April, a volunteer group from KMPG transplants the kale seedlings into the field.


The same field a few weeks later being harvested for the first share.


David, one of our dedicated Tuesday volunteers, brining in the first kale harvest.  


Carrie and crew cutting lettuce.


Spring foxglove in full bloom at the wash station.

As I begin my fourth season working at Clagett, I am  excited for all the new growth of spring. Everything is so green and alive.   The kohlrabi will be ready soon, all the tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings are in the ground, and the sweet corn has sprouted.   And one of my favorite things to harvest is just around the corner - get ready for the garlic scapes.    

Hope to see you soon at the farm!

-- Kristin
Farm Staff

First share this Tuesday May 19th and Saturday May 23rd

Our first share is coming up this week!  We just sent out an email with the estimated share.  If you did not receive it and would like to sign up for this weekly email, go to and enter your email address and a password of your choice. 

It has been a cooler, wetter spring than average, but not so wet that any of our fields have been flooded or crops ruined.  It's just kept us from planting a number of crops as early as we normally do.  Last week's break in the rain gave us just enough time to plant our first successions of tomatoes, beans sweet corn and peppers. There are turnips, carrots, radishes, squash, cucumbers, spinach, bunching onions and cabbages growing well--not ready to harvest yet but looking robust in the field.  We have high hopes for the coming season! 

See you soon,

Summer farm help needed at Clagett Farm

We still have space on our vegetable production crew and we're looking for volunteers and worksharers for the 2009 season. Please call us if you are interested.

Paid staff work can start as early as mid-May and work into November, which essentially covers our harvest season. Interested persons must be available to work Tuesdays and Saturdays, our fast-paced hectic harvest days, as well as some field days throughout the week. We look for energetic, hard working, dedicated individuals who can lift crates of heavy vegetables (as much as 50 lbs.) and who are excited about all aspects of farming and have good customer service skills. We work in all kinds of weather, so be prepared for wet days, hot and humid days, and sometimes easy going breezy days- we'll get them all.

First year crew earn $9/ hour plus vegetables. There is no housing on the farm, but there may be possibilities to carpool with co-workers depending on where you live. Send us a resume, cover letter, and call us to set up an interview 301-537-3038.

Folks who are interested in getting experience working at Clagett farm but are either not available for multiple days in the week or are not available during the whole season may consider signing up for our workshare program. You may sign up to do specific jobs on a regular basis, or choose to come to help us do harvest or field work on a week-by-week basis. In exchange for your 4 hours of labor you take home the same share as our members for that week, and can also pick herbs and flowers from our garden. The more you come the more you learn. It's an enjoyable experience that could give you the kind of hands on experience you need if you are thinking about applying to work at a farm or commercial garden in the future. Again, call us to schedule. We require Saturday workers to reserve a spot by calling the Thursday or Friday beforehand at 301-537-3038.