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Fill out a survey for an MBA student

A student team at the University of Maryland is working on a marketing project investigating the feasibility of a home delivery service for the farm share, instead of requiring a pick-up at the farm or Dupont Circle.  

They would appreciate just five minutes of your time to complete a 

short survey

.  The entire survey is anonymous and all of the data will be shared with Clagett.  Thanks for helping out a fellow member of the CSA community!

Just to clarify, Clagett Farm is NOT considering delivering your CSA shares to your home.  This is an academic project, and we agreed to post this survey link to our blog in order to encourage other businesses that might want to start distributing local food.   

Start saving yogurt containers, jars, bags and newspaper

There's a a few items on our wish list that you should start collecting right away. 

  • Yogurt containers and other pots that hold 5-10oz-- We'll be giving you seedlings with your first few shares, and it's great if you can help by providing the pots.  We need containers that are about the size and shape of a single-serving yogurt cup.  (We can't use Yoplait--the top is narrower than the bottom.)  If you're feeling extra helpful, punch a hole in the bottom for us so the water drains.   
  • Newspaper without colored ink -- We'll be using newspaper as a biodegradable weed barrier in our eggplant and melon fields.  We need ONLY newspaper with black ink--organic standards prohibit colored ink, and it is extremely time-consuming for us to separate it in the field. 
  • Jars -- This is especially for members who pick up at the farm.  Come June, you might want to pick some flowers from our flower beds.  Bring some jars to use as vases. 
  • Bags -- You'll be packing your own share, and we won't provide bags the way your grocery store does.  If you bring more than you can use, we can leave them in a basket for other members to use.  Be sure they are clean, dry, and free of trash and receipts. 

We would rather use your share payment to buy seeds and tools and pay staff.  We don't want to buy things like plastic bags and pots that will be added to the world's ever-growing waste stream.  So if you already have these items and would otherwise throw them out or recycle them, save them for us, instead.  Bring them to us at the Spring Meet n Greet (April 25th) or to your first share pick-up. 



Greenhouse Time Again!

It's so exciting: spring is in the air!

I feel like I've written these words before on this very blog. But it's an amazing thing to experience each year. What a privilege to witness nature in all of her glory coming alive every spring at Clagett. It's awesome.

The snow did slow us down a little, but thanks to the help of mostly returning but also new volunteers, the greenhouse is more than half full and we just started getting some crops in the ground! And in only a little while kohlrabi, kale, collards, cabbage, and chard will make their way out of the greenhouse and into the fields as well.

It's an amazing time of hope and friendship making great plans at the farm. If you haven't been out to volunteer, despite the fact that there is no harvesting we do find a way to make our own fun. Preparing for the year ahead and getting these early crops started is a gift in itself.

Stay tuned for more updates, photos, recipes, and stories from Clagett farm's 2010 CSA season.

I've started a new photo album for this season. Check out photos of our work so far in the greenhouse.