Spring Update
Meet 'n' Greet postponed to Sunday 5/2/10

Meet'n'Greet this Sunday--too much rain?

We're looking at the weather forecast for this coming Sunday's Meet 'n' Greet at the farm, and it looks like it might rain heavily.  It's too early to tell whether the rain will come and go, or fall steadily all afternoon. 

If it looks like rain all afternoon we will postpone the Meet 'n' Greet for May 2nd.  After all, you will have plenty of opportunity to get to know the farm on sunny days, and there's no point in dragging everyone through the rain on a wagon.  But if it looks like the rain might come and go, we'll still hold the Meet 'n' Greet, and we'll wait til a sunny moment to start the hayride.  Much of our activities will take place at the washing station, which is covered, so we can wait out a shower or two there. 

We will make our decision by noon on Saturday, and post it here on this blog.  So before you come to the farm this Sunday, check this blog (or if you're getting this note by e-mail, check your e-mail). 

Things to bring:

  • an umbrella, rain coat, and boots if it might rain
  • extra seed and seedlings you would like to share
  • a bike, if you'd prefer a bike tour instead of a hayride 
  • single-serving yogurt containers or small plastic pots that we can re-use for the seedlings in your first share (only clean ones, please!)
  • newspaper with black ink only for us to use as a weed barrier (colored ink is not organically approved)
  • friends, neighbors, kids
  • CSA members: a container to bring home seedlings and asparagus without getting your car dirty or wet

It will be fun!  See you this Sunday or next!


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