Spring Meet 'n' Greet next Sunday 4/25/10, 1-4pm
Meet'n'Greet this Sunday--too much rain?

Spring Update

Hi everyone – I’m Anna, one of the new members of the Clagett Farm Crew this year; I’m a native of Annapolis and have just moved back after a few years away.  It almost goes without saying, but I am very excited to be growing vegetables with and for you all this season.

In the month I've been at Clagett, the greenhouse has filled and emptied and filled again with seedlings.  We’ve planted out onions, kohlrabi, and Swiss chard, and the tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings are waiting on the sidelines, growing like champions.  We’ve had some great volunteers come out to help – one particularly productive afternoon we seeded twenty trays of Diva cucumbers, and just this last week we planted out about forty trays of Evergreen Hardy White bunching onions. 

Our other crops are coming along too - the bare dirt of the pea field now has neat carpets of landscape fabric for weed suppression and tidy rows of trellis for the wee pea seedlings that have raised their heads.  The rows of Napa cabbage, spicy mustards, and arugula are invisible under the snowy white row cover fabric that protects them from flea beetles, but when we peek under they’re doing well too.  What we really need is some rain – a week of sunny weather in the forecast means we’ll probably need to put some serious time and energy into getting irrigation set up in several of our fields. 

That’s all for now.  See you at the farm!



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