This Week's Share: Introducing Chinese Cabbage
This Week's Share: Green Onions, Zucchini & More

Recipes for This Week + A Call for Photos and Recipes


In preparation for this CSA season, we did a little tidying up here on the blog.

Chiefly, we cleaned up the categories in which the posts are filed, condensing the main topics into a handful of items (like This Week's Share). We also built out categories for recipe related posts. 

So you'll find, on the lefthand side of the blog, a listing of recipes for everything from arugula to zucchini

This week's share introduces Chinese cabbage.  Last year, we featured four ideas for using cabbage. Here's one more: 

Chinese Cabbage Stir-Fry with Rice Noodles, Pork, and Cilantro (via This could be made vegetarian by omitting the pork and substituting the fish sauce with soy sauce or mirin. 

Also, we would love to feature photos and recipes submitted by CSA members this year on the blog. If you snap a photo with your phone or run across a recipe that you like, shoot it to me in an email! We'll be looking for ideas to share all season long.



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Thanks for the resources. I will definitely try those healthy cabbage recipes.


The recipe for cabbage noodles & pork was easy and delicious! Thanks for the idea. We don't eat pork and are eating less meat so I substituted extra firm tofu that I pressed to get more water out of and then shredded with a fork. I cooked it just like the recipe calls for the pork and it had a great taste and texture. I might put more than half a cabbage in next time as it cooked down quite a bit.
Are you supposed to use all of the cabbage leaves - even the tougher (less crinkled) ones on the outside of the head?

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