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This Week's Share Plus a Lacto Pickle Tasting Today at the Farm 3-7PM

Preserving the Harvest: Take a class this August


For the third year in a row, Susan Sanders, one of your fellow CSA members, has offered to let a few of you into her kitchen to learn how to can your produce.  She'll demonstrate how to pack a jar with tomatoes, jam, relish, or some other high acid food, and set it in boiling water until the any potentially dangerous microorganisms are cooked away and the jar is sealed.  It's a simple process that can be intimidating until you see it first-hand and realize how easy it is.  Many of us have taken the opportunity to learn from Susan and we've all been inspired to do it ourselves, cheaply and easily, in our own kitchens.  Worried about BPA in your canned tomatoes?  Come to this class, so you can pack your very own organic tomatoes in glass jars. 

When:  Saturday August 13 and Sunday August 21 (choose one), 2pm.  Plan to stay at least until 4pm, or later to see a little extra. 

Where:  Susan lives near Dupont Circle in DC.  We'll give you more details when you sign up. 

Sign up by sending an email to clagettfarm@cbf.org with your preferred date.  Classes are limited to 6 participants each. 

Cost:  Susan only charges a $5 fee for supplies, which includes some photocopies and a jar of something you've made.  Keep in mind that no one is licensed, insured, or paid for this activity.  Susan offers this class to you because many of our members have asked over the years, and she is willing to do it.  Thank you Susan! 



A few of our co-workers preserve a lot of their leftover veggies using lactofermentation, which doesn't require any boiling (brine pickles and saurkraut are examples of this technique).  They will be offering a class this summer, as well.  Details are coming soon. 


We have a pressure canner on the farm, which you can use to can foods that are not high in acid.  It doesn't get constant use here, so we're happy to lend it for a few weeks (instruction manual included).  It's a significant investment in money and kitchen space, so if any of you were thinking of buying one, this is a handy opportunity give it a test drive first.  Sign up in advance so we can have it packed up and ready for you when you come to get your share. 


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